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RPD Catalyst is the investment and management company that handles Villas on Morse Lake.

RPD Catalyst, LLC was started by Scott Dew, the Cheif Executive Officer, and Richard Pachulski, the Chief Investment Officer, since it’s formation in 1999. For the five years prior to that, Mr. Dew was the Co-President and Mr. Pachulski was the Director of a predecessor company. RPD Catalyst has pursued a variety of investment strategies to capitalize on changing opportunities. The common threads running through these strategies has been identifying and exploiting value-added and/or opportunistic investments, and taking a “hands-on” approach to all aspects of an investment from due diligence to leasing and sale. The Company’s acquisition team is charged with the responsibility of identifying and closing investments, and the Company’s management team is charged with the responsibility of exploiting those investments to the fullest extent possible through strong leasing programs and expense-cutting. The acquisition and management teams are driven to maintain their enviable track record, and the teams believe that, given their creativity and energy, they will continue to achieve exceptional returns with a minimal risk to capital.